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tv   Squawk Alley  CNBC  September 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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welcome to "squawk alley." joining us is kelly evans. important day for us. john is here as well. read code will join us for a second, but we're watching the markets which are essentially flat. the pope, of course, visiting washington d.c., and now chinese president xi jinping is in seattle today meeting with many u.s. executives, including tim cook and jeff basos. >> good morning again, michelle. >> good morning, carl. yeah, that meeting that you just talked about is set to begin in about an hour. this is orchestrated by hank
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paulson. there's a second one later about the internet over at microsoft. we have a lot less detail about that. >> we have warren buffett is also sitting next to tim cook, and it's a powerful group of individuals who are in there. we've already heard from the president of china. he as has met with many executives there last night, and he tried to be reassuring on the economy. he promised that there would be no competitive devaluations of the currency in order to push exports. i understand we have brrnz. i'll second it back to you. >> we are getting word from volkswagen that dr. winterkorn is, in fact, stepping down. our firl lebeau has more on that. phil. >> thank you very much, carl. we're awaiting a press conference at the headquarters of folks in germany where martin winterkorn has resigned saying "i am clearing the way for a
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fresh start with my resignation. i am shocked by events of the past few days. above all, i am stunned that the misconduct on such -- at the misconduct on such a scale was possible in the volkswagen group." unclear who the new vw ceo will be, but, again, martin winterkorn out as ceo of volkswagen. we are awaiting a press conference. as can you probably see. we will no doubt be monitoring it, and whatever details we get, we'll pass along as soon as we have them. >> thank you very much, phil. >> starkly worded. phil said i'm shocked by the events of the past few days. i'm stunned that misconduct on such a scale was possible in the volkswagen group. i am convinced that the volkswagen group and its team will overcome this grave crisis.
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leaving very little to the imagination here after what is turning out to be a crisis. >> as weave said, the car industry in germany, for example, accounting for one out of every seven jobs, broadly speaking. this is a huge deal for that country which is already dealing with a number of issues. the debt crisis it's worked through. the migrant crisis, of course. now this volkswagen shares down some 35% just in the last several trading sessions. it's interesting, as phil mentioned this, john, but some investors in germany politically are making a statement by withdrawing their support first for the company and now obviously the ceo stepping down. >> yeah, that's right. what is left to the imagination is exactly what did winterkorn know and when he knew it. if he is shocked and stunned, it seems like he is putting on a defensive stance saying, well, perhaps i just didn't know. it would be interesting to s what tone the board takes about this. and about his involvement and how they accepted his resignation. >> on that point -- phil lebeau is still with us. the exact way that volkswagen went about this deception leaves
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it hard to imagine that this could have somehow been accidental, that they wouldn't have been aware of the wide disparities of the systems and having these vehicles on the road. >> this was not a rogue engineer. everybody agree about that. what this was was a planned initiative by a number of people within volkswagen to put this software into these vehicles in the united states. what's interesting to note about martin winterkorn and his role at volkswagen, we focus so much on him as the ceo since 2007, but he rose very quickly within the management ranks at volkswagen, in part, because he was in charge of quality for a number of years. i think between 2000 and 2005 and now we have some people coming in front of the cameras or at least it looks like they're coming in front of the cameras in germany. i would imagine in a matter of minutes we'll get more details regarding not only his
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resignation but what happens now in terms of who becomes ceo, what the agenda is. clearly the agenda is to try to get as much of this out as quickly as possible. we've heard the apologies. everybody has heard the apologies. one person said to me yesterday, enough of the apologies. slug new york and california. phil, we had mike jackson on this morning. in his words, he said the volkswagen brand is at risk. the public does forget.
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>> the difference with gm or with toyota or with target, all of those were established and popular brands in the united states. you look at volkswagen in the united states. it's really struggled to get a foot hold, and when they started pushing clean diesel vehicles back around 2006, 2007, their idea was we can ethwe'll get to one million in vehicle sales in the u.s. by 2018. the challenge is the diesel push was such a part of the message. clearly now that message was tabted by the idea that people were duped into the idea that -- now you have even your most loyal buyers saying i don't want to go near this brand for a while. where are you going to get your sales from? you don't have a lot of weak
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sisters in the auto business right now. it's not as if you can turn around and say, well, look, these guys aren't doing that well. that's the difference between vw and general motors. at least they were popular. i think the press conference is about to end, guys. >> we're going to listen to this. it may be in german, but we'll do what we can. this is volkswagen leadership introducing dr. winterkorn. [ speaking in german ] >> we knew this might be in a language we couldn't well translate going into this presser, but clearly as soon as transcripts are made available or if they change into english we'll take that. >> if phil is still with us, phil, a question for you. you've been talking a lot about the volkswagen brand. what about the german brand? germany, you know, you think about the manufacturing their companies. you think about them as a place
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where you make sure the trains were on time, where quality is a prime concern. there are those that will say -- bmw, mercedes, within the auto space, they are still incredibly popular, and you can make an argument that the surands from volkswagen still remain extremely popular and will eventually any impact is going to be negligable from here. i think we would have on to see something else with regard to diesel deception with other automakers, and there's no indication that this goes beyond volkswagen. it would have to go beyond volkswagen before we would start to see other german brands in the auto industry impacted.
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>> phil, we talked yesterday about how there must be some high fiving going on at bmw. we know the war they were at with audi and continue to be. mercedes as well. is this an issue where volkswagen's loss is someone else's gain in terms of shares? >> yes. yes. you bet this will be somebody else's gain, and the mass automakers in europe and that's bmw and mercedes, they no doubt have a chance to gain their -- there's also the chance to gain in china as well, although it remains to be seen because of so many issues going on with the chinese economy how much this impacts the demand and sales over in china. >> phil, prior to this scandal being unearthed there were already these family battles between some of the ruling stake
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holders in the volkswagen company. where does that stand now, and if we are seeing this ceo step down, who is now in power and what significance does that have? >> i haven't heard if they named a new ceo or an interim ceo. matthias mueller gets a lot of attention and there's speculation he will take over as ceo. he is the current head of the porsche brand. the reason that he might be picked porsche se basically the holding group for porsche, they hold the vast majority of the shareholder votes within volkswagen. there's a lot of influence there.
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>> remember, winterkorn was going after the peach family. got the peach family out of there. there's no doubt this is a bit of a soap opera. >> i'll tell you one thing and something phil that is evidence from our response from viewers almost immediately. this is doing very little to raise confidence in corporate behavior whether it's intentional or not after bp, people now thinking back to enron, madoff, worldcom. in this case it's not u.s.-based, but depending how this turns out, it's going to be another black eye for business, global business, you could argue? >> it's funny you mention bp. who has volkswagen retained as legal counsel? the law firm that represented bp because of all of the issues happening down in the gulf of mexico and the oil spill, et cetera.
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>> they are going to be named friday. >> it's hard at the same time for us to understand the humanitarian -- even in gm's case with its ignition switch issues. gm only paying $900 million. bp's i don't feel having to pay far more for what happened with deep water horizon. the $18 billion figure bandied about for volkswagen here clearly this was fraud or whatever the right term would be. what is the humanitarian toll? is that ultimately next to gm only paying $900 million going to somehow moderate the amount that eventually is on the hook for?
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>> one thing is the fact that this was deliberate and brazen and over an extended period of time. they basically have come out and said you caught us. you caught us. >> right. >> the question becomes who was involved in this? when you are talking about out and out deception, which is what this is, that's why a lot of people believe that this is a bad situation that's only going to get worse. >> one pour point as we await for more clarity on what's being said here, you know, this is a situation with the global car industry having excess capacity that sergio is eager to do something about. does volkswagen leave itself vulnerable here with its shares down so much on the back of this scandal? >>. >> they're down, but not to the
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point where they're a wounded animal that somebody could take out. look, we have talked with for some time that volkswagen and fee at chrysler and a merger of those two would make sense on so many levels because of fee at chrysler's strength in trucks and suvs in north america where volkswagen has long struggled, and you see the press conference is now over. having said that, i think what are you seeing with volkswagen is such a crisis, of such proportion that they're not going to be in the market to even entertain the possibility of a merger with somebody like a fee at chrysler. yes, consolidation is in the air in the auto industry. i'm not sure that this is the right time at volkswagen at least in the eyes of the management board. >> not to put you on the spot, phil, but i'm going to guess you're not going to put big money on mike horn, the u.s., the north american chief getting this job? >> no, no. that's not because he has done a bad job. i think it's more a case of, first of all, i think that when you look at the strength of the
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porsche family, i think matthias mueller is in the eyes of many people a strong contender to become ceo. the other possibility that is out there is rupert, the ceo of audi and audi has done wonderful things. >> there are warring factions within those groups. >> if you are just joining us, winterkorn is out saying "i am stunned that misconduct was possible on such a scale." phil lebeau, thank you so much. when we come back on squawk alley, as xi jinping talks about cyber attacks. the pope making his way from washington to new york.
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some call him the social pope, and we'll give you the staggering numbers about his social reach. as law and order svu kicks into its 17th season, we'll speak with the pecktive producer on that long-running series. dow is now down 52. we're back in a minute.
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a hooj issue such as economic reform and cyber crime on the heels of this week's
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apple store hack. in fact, over 300 apps in apple's app store have taken a deeper dive into cyber security and what this means for consumers. brian the chief security officer -- it's also with us. brian, when you look at the way that the threat matrix, the sorts of security threats that you are looking at have changed over the past two or three years, what has risen the fastest? >> i think the biggest thing is the persistence of the threat. we talk a lot about sophistication and persistence. some attacks clearly are sophisticated, but i think the persistence. they're not going away. they'll throw an attack at you if it's blocked. they'll come back and come at you from a different angle. it's that constant drive to gain unauthorized access that's concerning. >> what would you ask the chinese president if you were sitting with him this morning? >> well, we want to have to sit down and have the dialogue.
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the fact that some conversation this week, i'm you are sure what our expectations will be on the outcome, but i think the conversation is important. we got a long way to go. we've been talking past each other for a long time. there's this very serious question about, you know, what constitutes, you know, political espionage versus economic espionage and what's in the interest of national security versus what is just pure theft of intellectual property and trade secrets. there's a lot of very dicey issues. it's going to take a lot of conversation. >> would you like to see the u.s. adopt a tougher stance calling out china and whom ever more slowsive russly, perhaps retaliating for when these braechz and hacks and attacks do occur? >> very much. retaliation obviously is a strong word, and we have to spend time talking about what that is. certainly sanctions are critical.
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>> when are you dealing with a threat from china, tell me what you think tech leaders are saying? what kind of sanctions can you really impose? >> that's the thing. tech companies want to be operating in china as well, and china is, like, well, come on in, but we need -- they're telegraphing at the same time. we'll let you operate in our country as long as you kind of help us out with back doors if we need it. china -- with regard to cyber security and their own kind of hacks, they want to make sure that they are sort of social stability. that's one of their motive aings for where they might hack or spy thoir own citizens. they are saying we need a way in. we need to be able to monitor and look at and shut down if we feel that there is social
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stability is not the way we want it to be. that's one of the concerns for doing that. in terms of state espionage, they're a much bigger motive aings that, you know, whether it's state department or dod probably need to start taking a look as well. >> all the same. it's interesting, though, the way this visit is so front end load and how president xi is going to the tech company ceos and meeting with them and in a sense bilat areally and speaking almost directly to them. what is the symbolism of this visit? what do you think is needed out of tech ceos in this country to achieve those outcomes? >> so the symbolism, he is kuhning in to power. he is, like, i've got, you know, a billion consumers out there who want to use your products. you want to reach out to them. you want to sell to them, basically, in some form or another. you got to go through me. i think there's a wait and see,
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but, yes, we want to work with you. what do you need from us? i don't know how much leverage they right now. they're having to fight for, you know, making sure that they have their place in that marketplace, and i think that's a dynamic right now. >> well, brian, the conversation has started. it's probably going to be a long conversation. >> it's going to be a long one. >> thank you for joining us. thank you. >> now, pope francis, meantime, meeting with president obama today in a historic trip. he is currently making his way. these are live pictures for you. to st. matthew's cathedral. we'll have more coverage for you right after the break.
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we tea you live to washington d.c. where pope francis has left the white house on his way to st. matthew's cathedral where he will have a prayer with some u.s. bishops. has moved out of his fiat into a jeep wrangler. that is the operational
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popemobile for the time being. definitely a man who likes to improv. stopping along the way. selfie with tourists, kissing some babies. he is behind schedule, but for good reason. >> the security detail is huge for this entire visit, but the pope not concerned and does his own thing. stops when he wants to. and makes a point of reaching out to the people he wants to. we'll keep you posted on that. meantime, europe is going to close in about two and a half minutes and simon is back with that. >> yeah. actually european equities have been able to bounce despite the fact that we had poor data from china. coming off the heavy losses we had last friday and, indeed,
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monday. still close to that four-year high. the breaking is obviously within the last half hour here on cnbc and has been the fact that in germany, the ceo of vw has stepped down after meeting board of directors. five directors from the regional government that is a shareholder. he says himself he is not aware of any wrong doing on his part, anhe is stunned by the scale of wrong doing that was possible. in his view, this is the only way to win back trust via his resignation as the vw brand. porsche, the parent company up too. remember the scale of the losses we had monday, tuesday of this
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week. just let me demonstrate that to you. porsche in negative territory. as a result of that impression, the other automotive makers today deutsche bank actually cut its full year forecast for its own market for the german dax by 1,000 points. they could hit 10,300. that would be a 7% gain. you will notice the german market partly a result of the big losses on monday. down 3% is still in direction territory. you do want to mention the fact that we've had good performance from some of the airlines. we had upgrades both on ease where i jet today and also on iag, which is british airways, iberia. up 5%. just for the sake of completeness, mario draghi was before the parliament today in brussels, and he did, again,
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reiterate that they are prepared to expand the scope and the intensity of euro zone qe if necessary. they also put out a news release saying they're dropping deutsche bank from that process. they are giving increasing buying power to the bank of france. the central bank will directly buy on other governments outside its own borders. busy day, guy. back to you. >> very busy. thank you, simon. when we come back, aztec ceos get ready to meet with chinese president xi. we'll talk to one who is in seattle. hans will join us after the break.
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hello. i'm sue her air wra. here's your cnbc news update at this hour. palestinian leader mahmoud abbas met with russian president vladimir putin in moscow over the syrian crisis. putin has been criticized for beefing up russia's military in syria. putin maintains it is protecting its own forces, but there are fears it is to aid syrian president bashar al assad in that country's civil war. after six months in captivity sam is home. frentdz and family came to meet him at detroit metropolitan airport. he was one of two americans freed by yemen rebels on sunday. the cancer drug.
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the company obtained the rights to the drug in august and then hiked the price from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. the ceo claimed the move was to fund research. a rare find in pom pay. a tomb dating back to 40th century b.c. experts believe it belongs to a group of people known as the semites that were chronicered by the romans. quite a find. back to "squawk alley" and carl and the gang. >> all right. thank you very much, sue. as you heard from the past few minutes, volkswagen ceo announcing he is stepping town in the wake of that emissions scandal. phil lebeau has an update. >> the question now for volkswagen is who replace martin winterkorn. he announced today or bisquely the board of directors announcing that winterkorn offered his resignation and in a statement from winterkorn he says he is shocked by the events of the last week. the board says as it looks to consider what happens next, it
11:35 am
is worried not just about the economics, but the loss of trust, particularly with its customers not only in the u.s., but around the world. gee, it's early in terms of speculation about who will be the next ceo at volkswagen, but a lot of people are focused on matthias muellor. many people speculate that he will likely become the next ceo for volkswagen. if that's the case, he has a big job in front of him, because somebody pointed out just a few minutes ago on twitter to me a culture change is needed that the company, and i know that seems like an understatement, but there are a lot of people in germany who are just dumbfounded by the events that have been coming out over the last week. again, winterkorn out. ceo coming on friday. >> a tough 48 hours for them as
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well. thank you so much for the latest, phil. chinese president xi jinping will be meeting in seattle in about an hour. >> there will be a lot of discussion about cyber security, market volatility, territorial claim. i think lots of issues will be discussed over the next week or so. >> what is the jonathan -- what kind of discussions are exec executives having, and what do they hope comes out of it? >> from the seattle meeting i think the fact that a lot of chinese v.i.p. internet companies ceos are here as well as a lot of american internet
11:37 am
companies. the discussion will be around how to collaborate and how the internet companies should do in china. a lot of u.s. players have interest with respect to china and what are the ways to do it that would satisfy conditions on both ends. i think that would be a fruitful discussion that will start here. >> it occurs to me that a lot of the ceos at the table are in different positions with china right now. apple seems to be doing pretty well. of course, they have a lot of manufacturing there. >> they have been hit hard by chinese competition and some of the conditions that the government has taken. you think those companies are able to make any headway in a setting like this even as they try to accommodate by doing more manufacturing and partnership in china?
11:38 am
>> players like cisco that may have some sensitivity with respect to sensitivity, national security kind of thing will have and tfsh time and will require more government to government association to establish some protocol before frab structure companies can do better in china. that's how we see it. >> at the same time google was notably absent. it's not so much for hem this about being involved in the infrastructure of china's internet space as not degree graeing to what it sees as not the right way of doing business in china. i think one of the key things is that chinese companies must owe buy by chinese local law. the chinese laws expect any
11:39 am
company coming into china to play by the same rules of a level playing field. i think that will be something that will be a discussion that is going on in this meeting as well. >> right. my point is google is saying a stand, and has decided not to do business in the country. are they feeling like they have to overlook the hang-ups they might have and continue to press ahead because, hey, at least they have the market opportunity? >>. >> the company has opened up more, and will participate in the discussions, issues happening in china. overall, you take the attitude that more internet in china is good even if it's a condition wallfied. in the case of google, this is a work in progress, and i think
11:40 am
something could happen in the next six months to 12 months. we'll see. >> hans, you know who else might like to be in that room is mark sdwluk zuckerberg. he has made overtures. especially over the past year. who do you think turns up in china first doing business? facebook or google? >>. >> that's a tough one. i can't tell. i think both are trying to make a case, and a lot will depend on how the u.s. government negotiates over the next few sessions turn out to be. in the macro-environment it has to be better for google and facebook that have a better chance to go back to china. >> love that answer. thanks for joining us. eegtory hear more about what happens out there in the next couple of hours. very much appreciate it. that's hans from ggb capital. and law and order svu kicking off its 17th season. we're going to speak with the show's producer on streaming and
11:41 am
how content -- on how the content landscape has changed, sashd where i. first, rick santelli, what do you have your eye on today? >> well, a lot of the discussions since thursday's fed statement and lack of normalization has been about the logical debt decision about how it affects the economy and savers, but there's a new twist that traders are talking about today. logistics. tune in after the break. they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known.
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they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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coming up on the halftime report u.s. markets essentially shrugging off weak chinese data, but are investors ignoring big local risks beyond china? the ripple effects here in america to that massive vw scandal. the holiday season could be the weakest since the recession. what name should you ditch? which ones should you buy? we're going to let you know all coming up. right now we have breaking news with phil lebeau. >> we mentioned that mark winterkorn is out. resigning because of the diesel deception investigation that has gone worldwide. our patrick allen with cnbc in europe is now talkinging with a senior source at volkswagen who says they expect more people to follow winterkorn out the door. who those people will be, how high up it goes remains to be seen. more decisions are due on friday. still no word on who will likely replace winterkorn as ceo. guys, there you have it.
11:45 am
our patrick allen in europe reporting. more executives are expected to be leaving volkswagen and leaving rather quickly as the board of directors at volkswagen is moving swiftly in order to get its arms not only around this scandal, but to put forward at least some type of a plan for dealing with it. guys, back to you. >> with a lot quicker pace than some other companies we've seen go through similar crisises. thank you for that. really quickly, down is down 100 points in a hurry. we did see some bullish oil inventory numbers, and oil was up after 10:30 eastern time. it has since reversed and taken equities along with it. let's go to the cme group and rick santelli. >> even though 3-d is the big talking point, and we've dubbed that the diesel debacle or the -- down here that's the big deal. the second big deal, that's still water cooler talk is the fed. in the past much of this talk is
11:46 am
focused on concentrated on the notion of the affects in the economy, the unintended consequences, we've talked about that. whether it's regarding savers or how the markets and capital become sort of twilight zone participants when rates are at zero or go negative. all of these have been big issues, but there's a new issue. ira harris brought it up months ago. and rightly as policymakers on edge. what does that mean in english? well, in the old days, you know, when -- well, let's look at it this way. before the credit crisis, excess reserves at the fed were probably on the order of $25 billion or thereabouts. currently the excess reserves on the fed's balance sheet? about $2.5 trillion.
11:47 am
normal, open market operations is just not going to do the trick. that plumbing isn't going to work. why? consider it. with $2.5 trillion of excess reserves, if one wanted to raise rates by selling reserves, they would have to sell trillions to absorb the trillions in excess reserves. here's the types of conversation that is i'm hearing and that ira and i discuss that we are seeing written by daniel, and that is things like raising the interest rate on reserves, excess reserves. we talked about this before the fed meeting. if you are going to hike the fed funds rate, most likely we'll see a very similar hike to the excess reserves. reverse repos. this is the main part of the plumbing that many are concentrating on. largely untested. part of the nervousness of the fed might be in the logistics. >> rick, thank you very much. rick in had chicago. quickly, we'll take you to
11:48 am
washington where pope francis is now entering st. matthew's cathedral where he will hold a prayer service with some u.s. bishops. part of his busy day around the nation's capital, and we'll keep you posted on all of that. when we come back here after a break, it is law and order svu's 17th season. >> now, nypd detectives were aware of possible threats and were inside the birch pavillion at the time of the kidnapping. >> yes. that is our own kelly evans making a cameo last season. one of tv's longest-running primetime shows. we'll talk to the executive producer, warren lake, after a break.
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"law and order special victims unit" premiers. since then there's been a more than 600% increase in the number of scripted series xeelgt for viewers on cable, broadcast, and streaming services. just how has "svu" adapted to survive? hering kelly evans is one way. >> oh, yes. >> warren lake. >> really nice to be here. thanks. >> we're in gun smoke territory here in terms of live action. >> it's amazing. >> we're trying. >> the trek for us is to not act
11:52 am
like we're in our 17th year. we take it really we try to keep it as fresh as we can, and there's a difference between a groove and a rut. we go what is that? it's not on network, and nobody knows that network, and we're -- i mean, the fwnz for viewers is there's a lot to watch wrfsh the hard thing is there's a lot of competition, but we have sort of a home field advantage now. everybody knows "svu," everybody knows dick wolf, everyone loves marischka. you can go out and sample all those places, but we have our fans, and they're going to stick with us. >> i think this is your fifth season that you are beginning as
11:53 am
the show runner. what impact does that have either on how you structure what you do or on how the audience reacts to what you do and you consume that. sn. >> it's really important for us. we're 17 years in. the net world war i has to remote their newer shows. we came in and decided we have to create a buzz for ourselves. we interact a lot with the twitter fans. i have every writer on twitter and every actor on twitter. when guest actors come in, if they're not on twitter, we put them on twitter. we keep it going. we put out script pages. >> oh, it's on. right. the premier is on. you'll go to it. that to me was one of the changes that hi to make.
11:54 am
as law and order itself adapts and that would seem almost -- it's funny back and forth between do i always want law and order riffing on the headlines, but at the same time friends of mine have said i can't wait to see what law and order svu does with this story. >> the number of times a story breaks and 100 people send me the e-mail, have you thought of the duggars wret. wrau, we thought of that. a lot of tv is fantasy now, and we have real ones. we have heroes to root for, but it's a dark world. i think people look to us to see what our take is on these things. and to give them something to discuss, a way of talking about it. >> talking distribution, if you look at hours watched around the globe tv is like this, and netflix, facebook is like this. network says tv will go away in 20 wreerz. >> 20 years say long time. we're so hopped up.
11:55 am
empire's premier. it's modern family's premier. there's going to be 40 million people watching at 9:00 p.m. >> we want people to watch, and we say ratings are -- we don't care about day of ratings. i do care about the three-day, the seven-day, and then you can catch it on. the gee who cut the cord can watch it on netflix, and it's there for them. >> right now it's so interesting. >> when we have people grabbing a street scene, i want them to use the iphone and the vertical, and it's confusing to people because it's been a certain way of looking at tv for 100 years or so. i think you have to go with the easier it is to use, the more
11:56 am
quickly you can shoot, the more you can be right in the -- i think the actor should carry their own iphones and do the scenes. >> i wake up with that sound. it's scare where i. >> thank you for coming in. >> very nice of you. >> best of luck tonight. you can catch the premier of law and order special victims unit as warren said. it is tonight at 9:00. on nbc. >> all right. wait. are we watch this again? >> let's watch it again. >> this is kelly's appearance on svu last season. >> doing my best to be a real reporter. >> detectives were inside the birch pavillion at the time of the kidnapping. >> slam. all right. here's a look at markets. the dow is down 96 points. we'll have more on that for you shortly. before we go to break, though, here's also a life shot of pope francis. there is he in washington in st.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
i mean, the week is just going to continue to be like this. >> markets, which first seemed like they were going to hold in okay. now seeing the dow down almost 100 points. >> yeah. >> it's been quite a lot going on, and we're going to get that iphone launch coming up at the end of the week. the hits keep on coming. let's get back to heads kwaurs. brian sullivan at the half. sdmreerchlgts hello, america. i'm brian sullivan in for scott walker today, and let us meet today's starting line-up, which i am lovingly calling the triple jp. jim, josh, john, and pete. hi, guys. welcome, everybody. our game plan looks like this today. diesel deception. why the vw scandal causing ripple effects through the auto parts stock here in america. retail in a rut. where some say this holiday season might be a bust, but we are going to separate the winners from the losers, and, remember, guys, even the losers get lucky sometimes. meantime, stocks are treading wa


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